Specialized Fire-rated Products

Warm Springs Composite Products offers specialized fire-rated products such as:

  • Mineral Door Core, certified for use with Profile Molded door skins.
  • Concealed Vertical Rod stiles (CVRs), including CVR-LBR (Less Bottom Rod) meeting edge stiles and Pre-Channeled CVR stiles, can be machined to accommodate most CVR hardware and backsets. If required, we can install wood and/or intumescent on the CVR stiles for Positive Pressure Category-A openings.
  • Positive and Neutral Pressure stiles and rails are available in a wide variety of species and configurations and may be purchased pre-sized and assembled or in component form.
  • STC/Sound Transmission Door Core, in 60 & 90-minute options.

All Warm Springs Composite Products components are available with these custom features:

  • Pre-treatment—all products can be pre-treated to enhance bonding of veneers and door skins. Our pre-treatment solution is compatible with a wide variety of adhesives, including ureas, phenolics, PVA, polyurethane and both reactive and non-reactive hotmelts.
  • Custom cutting and tooling—even mixed orders of various materials can be custom cut to size, sanded and tooled to meet your specified tolerances and configurations.
  • Pre-testing—our in-house UBC-quality test furnace was purchased from Intertek and is capable of simulating a true certification burn test to ensure your uniquely designed products meet any required certification standards.

*Specialized Fire-Rated Products are certified UBC 7-2 (1997) and UL 10(c) (1998), 20-90 minutes as components for fire-rated doors in a variety of openings with all applicable hardware.

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