FRX Fire-rated Wood Door Frames

Fire-rated frames are available in an unlimited assortment of hardwood and softwood veneers, as well as paint grade and high pressure laminates to match the doors, wood casings, and trim throughout an interior design.

Our product design can incorporate intumescent material built into the frame itself, thereby eliminating the need for it to be concealed in the door leaf edges. In addition to significant cost savings, this enables the wall (opening) system to achieve the necessary fire-rating and the frame itself to achieve fire-ratings for both Neutral and Positive Pressure requirements.* This design feature also allows you to utilize a Category “B” Neutral Pressure door leaf, provided that concealed intumescent is still utilized under the meeting edges of double door Category “A” applications.

Frames are available in single or double-rabbet, for single door or double door openings, as well as communicator frames. Moisture resistant substrate may be available upon request. Each frame comes with a patented adjustable clip system for simple and quick installation, saving the contractor both time and money. Frames may be installed using the standard “shim method” as well.

The advantages are clear:

  • All components fire-rated up to 90 minutes (U.S.) for uniform appearance of every door and frame on a project.
  • Patented fire-rated composition doesn’t require special fillers or joint compounds to maintain fire-rating and can be used with Positive Pressure or Neutral Pressure tested doors and hardware.
  • Wide range of door sizes from singles up to 48 inches wide and pairs up to 96 inches, with door heights up to 8 feet.
  • Universal profile dimension allows for standard size rough openings on the job site and are available as a single-rabbet and double-rabbet or communicator frames.
  • No maximum door jamb width so they’re adaptable to any wall width beyond the minimum requirements.
  • Optional adjustable clip anchorage is easier to install, reusable and doesn’t show on door frames. Standard shim installation is also allowed.
  • Transoms and sidelights can be fitted within our approved frame dimensions.
  • Versatility of finishes from paint grade to high-pressure laminate or wood veneer to match any species or interior color.
  • Ready-to-finish options such as ready-to edge band and ready-to-laminate frame components so you can apply your own veneer or other surface finish.

*FRX Fire-Rated Frames are certified UBC 7-2 (1997) and UL 10(c) (1998), 20-90 minutes as components for fire-rated openings in a variety of applications and utilizing NFPA 80 listed hardware.

How to install a Warm Springs Composite Products FRX-Series Door Frame

Watch the video on how to install a Warm Springs Composite Products FRX Door Frame.

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