Consultation and Custom Solutions

Our extensive knowledge in the testing of components for fire rated opening enables Warm Springs Composite Products’ technicians and engineers to provide consulting services ranging from researching potential new products to helping clients navigate through the Certified Testing Procedures.

Areas of expertise in Fire Rated Openings include:

  • Viable Door or Frame Components

    • Density
    • Porosity
    • Bonding Characteristics
    • Loss of Ignition
    • Single Substrate vs. Multiple Layered Products
    • Inorganic vs. Organic Substrates
    • Heat Transfer
    • Sustainability in Testing
    • Tooling & Machining
  • Component Configurations

  • Construction

  • Adhesives & Bonding Characteristics

  • Hardware

  • Glazing

  • Pre-Burn Testing

  • Certified Testing - UL 10-C / BS 476 / EN 1634

  • Specification and Listings

  • Technical Assistance for Clients

Warm Springs Composite Products has also manufactured Ballistic Materials specific to a client’s design for testing to desired Threat-Levels within industries standards. Our engineers consult with numerous ballistic manufacturers to create and test Pro-to-Type products or complete production of proven substrates and panels.

Whether basic Bullet Proof Panels for specific Threat-Levels or multiple substrate layers with a Strike-Face, our ballistic engineer has a working background in design and manufacturing these types of products.

Our unique status as a Native American Tribal Entity enables us to work more independently with clients. Together with the specialized equipment in our plant, Warms Springs Composite Products has quickly become a research and manufacturing arm for multiple clients.